Free care planning services for seniors.

The Helping Hands Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families discover free and low-cost community resources to help improve the quality of life for seniors — and enable them to live happier and more independent lives at home.

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Our Services

Free and low-cost community services for seniors.

  • Senior Home Care

    Referrals to non-medical home care, MediCal and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) programs and medical home health services.

  • Transportation

    Assistance with senior transportation services such as Uber Assist, Dial-a-Ride, taxi vouchers, public transit and other local community programs.

  • VA Benefits Application Assistance

    Help understanding and applying for benefits such as disability pension, Aid & Attendance program, home modifications and other VA programs.

  • Hospice & Palliative Care

    Guidance during difficult end-of-life decisions — including cremation and burial, funeral services and will writing — where grace, comfort and dignity matter above all else.

  • Care Management

    Information and advice regarding chronic diseases, housing placement, mobility devices, elder law/finance and care coordination.

  • Dental Programs

    Help locating low-cost dentists and local clinics who specialize in elder oral care and participate in local dentistry programs specifically for seniors.

  • Medication Management

    Ensuring seniors understand how to properly store, consume, receive and understand their medications. We can also help design medication management and reminder systems.

  • Residential Placement

    Learn more about retirement communities, assisted living, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and other housing options for seniors.

  • Home Safety Modifications

    Information about cameras, remote monitoring, home safety inspections, installing grab-bars and wheelchair-accessable bathtubs, wheelchair maintenance and cleaning.

  • Financial Assistance

    Guidance and information regarding financial assistance options such as federal/state/county programs, Social Security, clinical trial opportunities and work opportunities.

Example: Senior Home Care

Here's an example of how we can help your family navigate options for senior home care.

Option #1: Free/Subsidized

Price: $0-10 per hour

There are a number of free and low-cost options to receive part-time in-home support, including volunteers, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), regional centers and other government and non-profit institutions. While you may not pay a lot out of pocket, most of these options have limitations and strict qualification requirements.

Option #2: Direct Hire (Independent)

Price: $10-15 per hour

Hiring, managing and paying a caregiver directly is likely the lowest cost option if you are paying for home care. However, the directly hiring a caregiver comes with a number of significant risks. You assume responsibility for paying your caregiver, employment taxes, overtime pay (if applicable), background checks, drug testing, managing no-shows and cancelations, and are liable if your caregiver gets hurt or injured in the home. Hiring a caregiver directly is typically not covered by long-term care insurance.

Option #3: Direct Hire (Referral)

Price: $15-19 per hour

If you choose to hire a caregiver through a domestic referral service (sometimes known as a “1099 agency”), you still assume the risk and responsibility of managing the caregiver, but the caregiver you choose has likely been vetted by the agency. You will receive support in the event of no-shows and cancellations but you are still liable for injuries in the home.

Option #4: Home Care Agency

Price: $20-30 per hour

Hiring caregivers from a licensed and bonded home care agency is by far the safest and most convenient option, but also the most expensive. Caregivers are managed as W-2 employees of the agency and receive health benefits, PTO, workers’ compensation insurance and are properly registered with the state. Most agencies offer 24/7 backup caregivers for no-shows, manage all payments to the caregiver and help monitor the health status of your loved one.

About Us

The Helping Hands Foundation is dedicated to helping families discover free and low-cost community resources to help improve the quality of life for seniors.


Since its inception in 2010, Helping Hands Foundation has touched the lives of thousands of families. We recognize that each situation is unique and requires a well thought-out plan in order to make any meaningful impact. Our staff takes a hands-on, caring approach with each call, making a genuine commitment to helping you change the course of your life’s story without fear of judgement.

"Helping Hands is a friend that you can depend on to help connect you to the best senior resources in your community."

— Sean Markie (Founder, Helping Hands Foundation)

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